A static version of HUD for playing at PokerStars



  • HUD support for all poker rooms supporting Hand2Note;
  • Automatic switch HUD to the stage of heads-up;
  • Different stats for 3max and 2max;
  • HUD is equipped with additional TABs;
    tabs are advanced preflop/postflop stats
  • Colour ranging of aggressiveness/passiveness;
    those. Depending on the aggressiveness/passivity of the player, the stats acquire a special color: Green / Gray / Red
  • Preflop stats are divided into 4 levels of effective stacks;
    0-8bb / 8-12bb / 12-17bb / 17bb+
  • Mini popups.
    mini-popups contain additional preflop stats: 4bet / 4bet Range / Fold to 4bet / Fold to Steal, etc.
  • Open access to editing HUD;
  • This HUD contains one version;
    new versions will be added as the new version of the program is tested

Appearance of the HUD at the tables 3max

Appearance of the HUD at the tables 2max


Description of HUD


Mini popups (preflop)

attached to abbreviations F3B

attached to abbreviations 3Bɴ

attached to abbreviations FmR


Mini popups (postflop)

Example of attaching popups to stats


Additional information on sizings in advanced popups

output when hovering over the stats

output when hovering over the stats F3B

output when hovering over the stats ISO

Example of advanced popups when hovering on stats ISO


Extra postflop panels in heads-up play

in the panels are displayed the total stats played on 3max and 2max tables


Stats on Hero vs current player in heads-up

when we are on SB

when we are on BB


Hero game analyses
Analysis of the game opponents in all panels of the HUD


  • Detailed popup for analyzing your own and your opponents’ games;
  • Positional indicators of preflop and postflop statistics;
  • Colour ranging of aggressiveness/passiveness;
  • Preflop stats are divided into 11 levels of effective stacks;
    0-5.99bb / 6-6.99bb / 7-7.99bb / 8-8.99bb / 9-9.99bb / 10-12bb / 12-14bb / 14-17bb / 17-20bb / 20-25bb / 25bb+
    Postflop statistics for 11 different board textures.
Texture Example

example of popups for analyzing players 2max

example of popups for analyzing players 3max



To install, download the latest version of HUD from your personal account and install into the program folder: C:\Program Files\Hand2Note


Example settings in Game Types


Helpful Information for Hand2Note / GT-HUD

Guidelines and answers to the questions about GT-HUD and Hand2Note operation.



To pay go to our site https://gthud.com/eng/catalog/

If you encountered problems when paying, try to use another browser and re-order.

Buying POKERSTARS SPINFIRE HUD you pay not just for the preliminary version of HUD, but for all the updates that will be added as part of the POKERSTARS HUD project.


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