1. How to add three ranges to Colors Ranges for PokerStars
By default, PokerStars is limited to the use of 3 color ranges in statistics. To get around these restrictions, you need to do the following:
  1. Go to the HUD editor;
  2. Select the required HUD;
  3. Select the cell for which you want to set Color Ranges;
  4. Assign a default color for this stat, for example red;
  5. Go to Color Ranges and add two more colors with the desired parameters:

2. How to make Hand2Note work with Asian poker rooms
  1. First you need to remove all existing emulators;
  2. Reboot your PC;
  3. Launch Hand2Note;
  4. Create a new emulator;
  5. Go to Settings / Other settings / ADB Debug and select the Open connection option;
  6. Install the poker app;
  7. Restart the emulator and wait 1 minute;
  8. Launch the poker app;
  9. Wait for the HUD to appear.

3. How to disable the Aurora engine for PokerStars

The first step is to open the settings folder. If you can open our software and navigate through the menus, follow these steps:

1. From the lobby, select Help, then Open My Settings Folder. You’ll see the folder open.
2. Close our software (keeping the settings folder open).

The second step is to edit the settings file:

1. In the settings folder, find the user or user.ini file, right-click on it and select Edit to open the file with notepad.
2. Within the file, find the section that starts with [PipeOption] and add the following line LegacyPokerTable=1
3. Save the changes you made to the settings file and restart your computer.
4. Reopen our software, then log back in.

4. During the game, the window with the Extended popup closes the overview
There are no special settings in Hand2Note, you can only increase the response time for this popup: ——————————————————————————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————————————————————————- Then, when you hover the mouse over the stat, this window will appear with a delay.

5. If the replayer is displayed with a black screen
Solution options:
  1. Go along the path C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config and replace the Replayer folder
    You can download a new clean folder using the link: Replayer
  2. The second option is to simply reinstall the program: 22nd item of the FAQ
6. How to set up hotkeys in Hand2Note

First option

  1. Open the HUD editor;
  2. Select/create the desired HUD;
  3. Highlight the required positions / cells with stats;
  4. In the properties on the right, assign hotkeys and specify display rules;
  5. Save all changes!


Second option

  1. Open the HUD editor;
  2. Select/create the desired HUD;
  3. Go to Configuration / Game types;
  4. Press on + HOT KEY HUD;
  5. Select HUD;
  6. Assign a hotkey;
  7. Select the option Switch mode;
  8. Save all changes!

7. Examples of settings in Game types
Customization examples
8. How to add Hand2Note and poker room to antivirus exceptions
Add an exclusion to Windows Security
9. When do you need to rebuild statistics
Rebuilding stats
10. How much RAM is required for Hand2Note
We recommend using from 8GB to 32GB, depending on the size of the database used and the number of stats in the HUD / pop-up.


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