1. Initial setup of poker rooms and Hand2Note
Setting up Auto-import using the example of PokerStars (in other rooms it is configured in the same way)
  • Make sure that the checkbox is selected in the settings in the poker room client, which is responsible for saving the handhistory to the hard drive;
  • Set the interface language to English in the client;
  • In Configuration / Auto-import, add a folder where your room saves the history of played hands. In the client of the poker room, you can check where it saves the handhistory;
  • Make sure English is selected for hand histories in the poker room client;
  • Make sure to enable this option in Configuration / HUD
  • If you play tournaments, then you need to set up the Tournament summary import. And add this folder to Configuration / Auto Import
  • If you are using additional software, then disable Send date to Hand2Note:

2. Rollback update (PokerStars)
To rollback, you need to copy the files from the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\backup in C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars, and launch the poker room through this shortcut:
3. Hud doesn’t work on PokerStars
  1. Update Hand2Note to the latest version;
  2. Update the poker room to the latest version and select the client language English;
  3. Check auto-import settings;
  4. In H2N, set two options as in the screenshot:

4. After updating the poker room, Hand2Note does not work
  1. Try to wait for the update for Hand2Note.
  2. Try using a converter temporarily.
  1. If it is PokerStars, then refer to the 2nd step of the guide “Rollback update (PokerStars)”
5. Auto import settings for iPoker network

1. Set the English language for the poker client;

2. Specify the Auto Import path Hand2Note → Configuration (F12) → HUD → Auto Import

The auto-import path must be specified strictly before the folder “History” or “HandHistory”

C:\Program Files (x86)\iPoker\data\Nickname\History

3. Go to Hand2Note → Configuration (F12) → Game types and specify the following parameters:
- Players in hand 0 – 10,
- Table size 0 – 10.

6. The logs folder takes up a lot of space
Close the program and delete the logs folder! In order to save space on your hard drive, you can disable the collection of logs:
  1. Open the program;
  2. Go to * Configuration (F12) / Other Options / Logs*;
  3. Disable all options and Save!
7. Adding notes system to your HUD
Described in detail at the link http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Notes/#adding-notes-system-to-your-hud
8. How to reset ColorMarkers on all players
You need to delete the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Notes\ColorMarkers
9. How to edit a postflop diagram
Described in detail at the link http://forumru.hand2note.com/post/14045
10. How to display HUD on Hero
You need to create a separate panel, put the stats you need there and put this checkbox in the display options for each stat:

11. Empty values in HUD/Popup
  1. If you are using a commercial HUD, make sure that the license for the HUD is active
  2. Check the settings from the 1st item of the FAQ
  3. Go to: Configuration (F12) / Game Types and click “Reset to default”, then re-configure and click Clear and Build stats in the main program window.
  4. If you added new stats to your HUD/Popup, you need to rebuild the statistics, i.e. Clear and Build Stats
12. HUD is not displayed on the first hand
  1. Make sure you have an active EDGE subscription or higher;
  2. Check the settings from the 1st item of the FAQ;
  3. Try to turn off auto updates for compatibility with rooms:

    Then close the poker room and restart Hand2Note.

13. How to display additional stats in Sessions / Reports
All available filters for reports and sessions are applied through the * + Filter * option in the top menu. The set of filters is limited. The reports / sessions window will be completely redesigned with the addition of many new functions in Hand2Note 4
14. Can’t arrange HUD on two tables / First placement of the HUD
Please close Hand2Note and remove the file HudDeltas.cg or HudPositions.cg that is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config by default. After that open Hand2Note, sit at one table and wait for HUD to adjust automatically.

After that you can move the panels to where you need them by holding right-click on the panel and dragging it.

15. Disappeared button add hand to Notes
If the button is missing, just drag the hand in the notes while holding down the right mouse button. More details about notes are described in the manual: http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Notes/
16. How to change the background opacity for HUD / Popups
Described in detail at the link: Change background opacity
17. 888poker shows incorrect profit in knockout tournaments
Unfortunately, 888poker does not register this information in the handhistory, so the program has nowhere to get it.
18. PokerStars does not include knockouts / bounties in hand history.
The bounty display depends on the poker room client. If the poker room provides information about them in Tournament Summaries, then they will be displayed in Hand2Note, if not, they will not. Usually PokerStars records this information in hand histories, but not for all users.


Check if there is a knockout display in the tournament hand history. If there is one and Hand2Note does not record them, send your hand history to: support@hand2note.com

19. Not all hands are displayed in reports
Solution options:
  1. Try to set the “For all time” period in the main Hand2Note window and rebuild the stats;
  2. Try to align the time of the PC and Hand2Note for this, refer to the 21st item of the FAQ;
  3. Try to create a new base and import the necessary hands into it from the archive folders C:\MyHandsArchive_H2N или C:\Hand2NoteHh
20. How to display stats for the current session
The stats for the current session can be displayed by double-clicking on the HUD of the required player.


21. Time zone offset
If the sessions show the beginning of the session at 12:00, and on the PC at 14:00, then go to Hand2Note / Configuration / Rooms / Desired poker room set +2 and rebuild the stats, i.e. in the main Hand2Note window, click Clear and then Build Stats.



The example shows a difference of + 6 hours

22. Reinstalling Hand2Note
  1. Reboot your PC;
  2. Save two files:
  • C:\Program Files\Hand2Note → “appoptions” – is responsible for the license.
  • C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config → “HudDeltas.cg” and “HudPositions.cg” – responsible for the placement of the HUD at the table.

3. Delete the program through the control panel;
4. Go to the path: C:\Program Files and if there is a Hand2Note folder, then delete it;

5. Reboot your PC;
6. Install all the latest updates for Windows;
7. Install and update the program to the latest version;

8. Check at the tables if the problem that occurred before the reinstallation persists;
9. Install previously saved files along the same path with the replacement;
10. Install the package according to the manual.

23. H2N does not work at HHpoker (pokermaster)
The last update of the room has caused problems and right now Hand2Note doesn’t work there. We are already aware of the problem. Our development team is working on the solution. I can’t give you exact ETA, but we’ll do everything possible to restore the support shortly.
24. Session results are not displayed correctly / Or are not displayed at all
Solution options:
  1. Check the auto-import settings from the 1st item of the FAQ;
  2. Hand2Note and the poker room client must be added to the antivirus exceptions and run as administrator!;
  3. Check the time zone offset by following the 21st item of the FAQ;
  4. Create a new database by following the 25st item of the FAQ;
  5. Reinstall Hand2Note by following the 22st item of the FAQ;
  6. Reinstall the poker room and use the default table layout;
  7. Sometimes the usual rebuilding of statistics can help, for this go to Configuration (F12) / Game Types and click “Reset to default”, then re-configure and click Clear and Build stats in the main program window.
  8. If these are Tournaments, then you need to order in the support of the poker room Tournament Summaries. It is imperative that they were in English and that Summaries and not the audit that they most often send. After importing these files, the results should be correct.
25. How to delete/create/relocate a database

- How to delete a database?

First option:

Second option:
Open this path: C:\Users → Name → AppData → Roaming →Hand2Note and delete the h2ndb folder. The program will create a new database automatically once it’s launched.


- How to create a new database?

Go to: Hand2Note → Configuration(F12)→ Database

Enter a name for the new database and click Activate:

After this, Hand2Note will automatically restart with the new connected database.


How to transfer the database folder to another disk:

1. Go to: Configuration → Database / Settings → Database;
2. Click Open Folder;
3. Copy the contents of the folder into the folder where you would like to store the database;
4. Click Change Folder;
5. Select the new folder with the database and wait for the program to relaunch;
6. Delete the old database folder. You will find it at: C:\Users → Name → AppData → Roaming →Hand2Note

26. How to export hands from Hand2Note
  1. Go to Configuration / Reports;
  2. Set the player’s nickname or alias;
  3. Set the filters you want: time, date, etc .;
  4. Right-click on the results and select Export all hands;
  5. Specify the path where to export the hand history;
  6. Wait for the export to finish.
27. Why Positional/Dynamic HUD Doesn’t work on PokerStars
Described in detail at the link PokerStars Restrictions
28. Is it possible to use Hand2Note license on two computers at the same time
The program and the commercial HUD can be used on any number of computers, but not simultaneously!
29. Failed to start database service
Try deleting the DbServer.cg file which is located in the C: \ Program Files \ Hand2Note folder by default and restart your computer. If this did not help or you do not have this file, then most likely your database is corrupted and you need to delete the folder: C:\Users\Rus\AppData\Roaming\Hand2Note\ → h2ndb. After starting the program, a new database will be created.

30. How to hide HUD when multirooming in some poker rooms
  1. Create an empty HUD profile in Hand2Note editor;
  2. Go to Configuration / Game Types;
  3. Create an additional Game Type and specify an empty HUD profile that you created in step 1;
  4. Select the required poker room where you want to hide the HUD;
  5. Move the created Game Type to the very top of the list. Example

31. Support for RIT tables on WPN
Support for these tables will be added in future updates. The release date of the update is unknown. ——————————————————————————————————————————————- You can see the latest up-to-date information about updates and support for rooms in the updates menu in the main Hand2Note window, as well as on Telegram and Discord channels: https://t.me/Hand2Note, https://discord.gg/zMYAWFp
32. Are there any plans to add new poker rooms, for example, GG Poker
This poker room is currently not supported. But it is in the list of tasks and is planned to be added in future updates. More details about the poker rooms that are supported:
  1. Supported Asian apps
  2. Supported global rooms
  3. Suggest a new room
33. Do I need to use additional software for Hand2Note to work correctly?
In new versions of the program, additional software is not required. Moreover, in the settings of additional software, you need to disable the function of sending messages to Hand2Note, if any.
34. How to transfer Hand2Note config and HUD to a new PC

1. First, install Hand2Note on the computer where you plan to transfer all the settings.
2. Go to C:\Program Files → Hand2Note and copy all the folders that need to be transferred:
Config – in this folder are stored filters, HUD/pop-up profiles and settings;
MarkedHands – contains all the marked hands;
Notes – contains all the player notes;
appoptions – is responsible for the license.


3. Install all the folders and files you have copied to the new computer!

35. WPN does not show hands on Hero (tournaments)
This bug is known and is on the list of tasks of the Hand2Note developers. Will be solved in the next updates.
36. How to see the EV line in chips
You can watch the EV line in chips by switching the graphic to BB:
37. How to separate part of the hand history from the database for analysis
  • Option 1: Export hands for the required period and upload to a new database. (26th item of the FAQ Export of hands and 25th item Creation of a new base);
  • Option 2: Select the required time period in the main Hand2note window and rebuild the stats (convenient if you are using a small database).

38. How to reset Hand2Note license
  1. Close Hand2Note;
  2. Go to your profile at https://hand2note.com/Profile
  3. Press Reset Serial Data
39. Windows Defender Trojan
It is a false positive alert only from windows antivirus. Add Hand2Note folder to exceptions list or let him delete that file every time if you don’t play on Wepoker.
40. Hud freezes at Blitz tables on WPN
There are known issues with blitz support, namely it may lag and crash during the game, or not appear randomly on some WPN clients. If you have autoimport set correctly from room folder, your Hand2Note is the latest version, HUD should be working!

41. How to display Push/Fold as a picture
Unfortunately, Hand2Note does not have such an option, since it contradicts the rules of poker rooms.
42. PartyPoker support
Unfortunately, Hand2Note doesn’t support PartyPoker. At the moment you can import hands manually but winnings and EV may be incorrect. Perhaps, we will be able to fix it in the future.
  1. Supported Asian apps
  2. Supported global rooms
  3. Suggest a new room
43. RAM is overloaded when importing hands
Solution options:
  • Start building stats;
  • Wait until 2-3kk hands rebuild;
  • Press stop, wait until the process stops;
  • Close Hand2Note and reboot your PC;
  • Open Hand2Note – click build stats and the process will continue from the same place.

2. Disable SMT option in BIOS

44. Does Hand2Note plan to support Bomb Pots in WPN?
Bomb Pots will be supported in 4th Hand2Note version
45. I play on different PokerStars reservations, how to specify a nickname in H2N
If you play on different reservations, you do not need to specify a nickname, since Hand2Note can automatically identify the Hero from the hand history.
46. HUD does not work on SNAP tables in the 888poker
Unfortunately, SNAP tables are not yet supported in Hand2Note. Support is planned for future updates.
47. Tournament reports on iPoker are displayed incorrectly
iPoker doesn’t provide information about tournament results in hand history files, so right now there is no way to fix that issue.
48. Loss of hands in Asian rooms
Described in detail at the link: http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/Other/#loss-of-hands-in-asian-rooms
49. Popups are not displayed
Click on the H2N icon at the tables, then disable and enable popups:
50. VPIP in the main Hand2Note window and at the tables is different
The main window of Hand2Note displays total stats that takes into account all Game types. In the HUD or pop-up, stats are displayed only for a specific type of game that you specified in Configuration / Game types ——————————————————————————————————————————————-


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